Odyssey Boston Cruise Route

Departing from Rowes Wharf, Odyssey cruises along Historic Boston Harbor from Castle Island to George's Island, then east to the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island, and back north to Charlestown Naval Yard before returning to the Wharf. This cruise route may change due to weather and cruise direction.

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Rowes Wharf

Home to Odyssey, Rowes Wharf was first built in 1764 before the American Revolution. The modern development’s most famous landmark is the Boston Harbor Hotel.


USS Constitution & Charlestown Naval Yard

First launched in 1797, USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. The Charlestown Navy Yard was one of the first shipyards built in the United States, and today is preserved as a national historical site.


Seaport District

Also known as the South Boston Waterfront, Seaport District is home to home to major attractions including restaurants, hotels and more.


Castle Island

Castle Island is a 22-acre recreation site and home to Fort Independence, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Spectacle Island

Spectacle Island opened as a public park in June 2006 for use as a recreational area, with hiking trails, a beach, a visitors’ center, and a marina with 38 boat slips for visitors.


Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor was discovered by British explorer John Smith in 1614 and is noted for its vital role in early American history, perhaps best recognized as the site of the Boston Tea Party. The harbor contains a large number of islands maintained by the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.


Gallops Island

Gallops Island’s namesake, John Gallop, was one of Boston Harbor’s first pilots and lived on the island for some time. Today the island is used as park space, with an impressive collection of plants and trees.


Lovells Island

Lovells Island, named after Captain William Lovell, was known in the 18th century as the site of several shipwrecks that led to the creation of “lifesaving huts” around the island. Today, it is a popular site for camping.


Georges Island

Georges Island is home to Fort Warren, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A large number of apple trees can be found on the island.


Boston Light/Little Brewster Island

Boston Light on Little Brewster Island dates back to 1783 and is the second oldest working lighthouse in the country. It is recognized by the United States as a National Historic Landmark.


Peddocks Island

Peddocks Island has a unique mix of old and new features, with historic homes and structures in addition to modern solar energy installations. The island was a filming location in 2008 for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


Deer Island

A peninsula off of the mainland, Deer Island offers a hiking/biking trail that encircles the island, which is reachable via car, bus, or sea. Trails also climb escarpments on the island, including the highest one near the water tower.

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